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Australian Utilities (AU) is a Trusted Utilities Broker –

  • Work Businesses across Australia.
  • Our current aim is to help Members of VANA save on their Electricity and Gas bills for their Business and Home accounts.
  • AU works with Businesses and Groups that have 100 sites or more.
  • Australian Utilities (AU) specialises in Energy – both Gas and Electricity.
  • We work closely with electricity retailers and provide bespoke offers /negotiate special reductions on the Utility bills for our customers.
  • AU provide our clients with a choice of providers giving you a range of companies to select from depending on their needs.

Benefits of Using Australian Utilities 

  • 10  Business days cooling-off Period.
  • No fixed-term contract.
  • Monthly or Quarterly Bills, via email.
  • An easy switchover to the new Electricity retailer & doesn’t require disconnection of power supply
  • 12 Month Price Lock-in (No Price rise for at least 12 Months)

VANA Members get a Credit for every customer that is referred to AU

How To Switch


We do a comparison of your current rates and offer against multiple retailers on our panel and a range of offers to suit your needs.


Hassle-free switch to the new energy retailer that doesn’t involve any power disruption and done seamlessly. It is easy and our service is Free !!


Australian Utilities, Start enjoying your savings once you switch to the new energy provider. Money saved is money earned.

For more information, please contact VANA 0385 407 000