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VANA is owned by Victorian Newsagents that are members of the Association and is governed by its Constitution and Directed by the VANA Board which is made of Newsagents (except for the Treasurer) and is elected by VANA members.

We have been managing the interests of our members and ensuring the growth and financial viability of the newsagency channel through offering industry representation, advocacy, training programs, human resource assistance, political lobbying and e-commerce advice.




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Tabcorp Lotteries business is proud to announce a $1 million contribution- UQ Vaccine Research

Tabcorp Lotteries business is proud to announce a $1 million contribution of unclaimed Golden Casket prize money to The University of Queensland’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Bio sciences. The $1m boost, made possible thanks to our lottery players around the country, will go towards the university’s research and development into a vaccine...