Vana Awards 2018

The Victorian Association for Newsagents.

VANA Legend 2018

Elaine Munro – East Geelong Newsagency

Elaine Munro has owned and operated East Geelong Newsagency since December 1991, with her husband Geoff and her children, Rick and Anders, by her side. Together, they have continually grown the newsagency. Currently, it includes a café called Coffee on Garden, a phone repair store called Techrevive and an Australia Post outlet. Her efforts in the newsagency have been recognised on a local and national level as seen through its many accolades including Victorian Newsagent of the Year (2001 and 2016) and National Newsagent of the Year (2002).

Elaine has contributed greatly to the Newsagency Industry throughout her time as a newsagent, including acting as Chairperson of Geelong’s Newsagents Association and acting as a face of the Victorian Government’s “Support Small Business” campaign. Not least among her contributions, was her work as VANA’s first woman board member in history.

VANA, and the wider Newsagency Industry would like to thank Elaine for her years of service to the industry and to her community.

Retail Newsagent of the Year 2018

Tim Scully – Middle Brighton Newsagency

Tim has owned Middle Brighton Newsagency for approximately two years. Since that time, store sales, in particular card sales, have risen significantly. A shop renovation 10 or so months ago, dramatically improved the look and layout of the store and allowed for the introduction of an instore party shop which has increased the store’s foot traffic.

Distribution Newsagents of the Year 2018

Cameron Mullenger – Deliveries Plus

Delivery Plus is one of the largest distributors in the network, with approximately 90,000 deliveries a week. They have helped develop a new computer system that assists the Newsagent to manage supplies and home deliveries automatically, saving time and increasing sales.

Distribution Newsagents of the Year 2018

Dennis Skantzos & Nick Diamontopoulos – Pinewood Newsagency

Dennis and Nick’s hands-on approach to the distribution side of their business has allowed them to have a good handle on the services they provide to their home delivery customers and subagents. This approach has led to a reduction in customer complaints despite the businesses expansion into the Sandown territory.

My Local Community Newsagent of the Year 2018

Mandeep Singhsahni – Carlton Newsagency

Under Mandeep’s guidance, Carlton Newsagency’s staff are quick and reliable. The store’s diverse range of products means it can meet their customers’ varied needs or, as Manu says, “you ask it, Carlton has it”. Carlton Newsagency is a credit to its community as its positive environment draws in all demographics of Carlton.

Lottery Agent of the Year 2018

Hock Tin Ang – Plenty Luck News and Lotto

Since 2011, Lyn and Hock have run Plenty Luck News and Lotto. In this time, sales have grown so significantly that the store has risen 494 places in the Tatts Network rankings, culminating in the shop ranking in the top 50 since February 2017.

VANA Employee of the Year 2018

Kerrie Stewart – Klemm’s Tattslotto & Newsagency

Kerrie began working in the industry when she was young and in the 40 years since she has contributed enormously to Klemm’s Tattslotto & Newsagency. Her contributions range from introducing special occasion raffles, fancy dress days for staff and Christmas shopping nights.