The Victorian Association for Newsagents.


Julie Tran | VANA Rookie of the Year 2023

1/251 East Boundary Rd, Bentleight East


Julie Tran, a remarkable member newsagent with an inspiring journey. Hailing from the beautiful country of Vietnam, Julie has embraced Melbourne as her second home for over seven years. With a solid 20-year career in the IT industry in Vietnam, she made a bold move to Australia and embarked on a new adventure as a Real Estate Agent. However, Julie’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there. Four years ago, she took the leap into the world of Newsagencies, and now, she’s a proud business owner with a flourishing store. Her story is a testament to determination, adaptability, and community engagement.

Embracing New Challenges

Julie’s entrepreneurial journey truly took flight in the midst of the pandemic. Two years into the pandemic, she decided to challenge herself further by venturing into her own business. Newsagencies became her chosen field due to its stability and potential for newcomers.

Despite the initial confusion and steep learning curve, Julie’s commitment paid off. After a year of hard work, her store has thrived, welcoming new clients, building relationships with suppliers, and witnessing a significant increase in revenue.

A Strong Foundation

What sets Julie’s store apart is the connection she has with her customers. Her community engagement strategy is built on understanding their needs and fostering relationships. With 40% of her regular clients residing in the local area and an additional 20% being traders, Julie tailors her services to match their preferences. For residents, she offers a listening ear and a friendly conversation, while for traders, she ensures quick and convenient service. Julie’s approach has created a sense of familiarity and trust that keeps customers coming back.

Community and Growth

Julie’s store success story reflects the remarkable community she serves. The people in Bentleigh East are known for their kindness, politeness, and willingness to help. They have welcomed Julie with open arms, assisting her in her journey, especially when she was getting acquainted with Tatts products. The community’s support has made Julie feel like an integral part of the neighbourhood and she values the opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Valuable Lessons and Support

When it comes to advice, Julie credits the invaluable guidance from Tatts and VANA | NLNA. Their support has been instrumental in her business journey, from smooth operations to community integration. Through them, Julie has gained access to suppliers, industry updates, and even government support for entrepreneur companies. Julie expresses her heartfelt gratitude for the community that VANA | NLNA have cultivated, and she’s honoured to be a part of it.

Julie Tran’s journey is a shining example of how resilience, adaptability, and genuine community engagement can lead to remarkable success. Her story inspires us to embrace challenges, foster connections, and continually seek knowledge.