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4-6 Craigan Street, Strathpine QLD


Rod Hall is co-owner/operator of Friendly Grocer Strathpine. With a significant background in the floorcoverings industry spanning most of his life, Rod embarked on a new venture over seven years ago when he joined forces with his son-in-law in the Convenience and Grocery Industry. His sense of pride stems from the emphasis placed on customer service within the business. Drawing inspiration from treating all individuals and customers as though they were his own family, Rod believes in the immeasurable value and rewards that such an approach brings.

Brad Bateman is the also the co-owner/operator of Friendly Grocer Strathpine, a cherished family enterprise.  Brad’s journey commenced at the age of 14, starting his retail career working for BI-LO Supermarkets. Over nine years journey, Brad ascended through the ranks, progressing into management roles. His professional path subsequently led him to Whites IGA Group, where he helmed the role of Store Manager for a span of two years. A relocation to Brisbane saw him assuming pivotal positions as Assistant Store Manager and later, Store Manager, at Drake Supermarkets, over a five-year period. Transitioning into a Retail Consultant Role at the Friendly Grocer head office marked a significant juncture, ultimately culminating in the purchase of a Convenience store in conjunction with his father-in-law, Rod.

By harnessing his extensive experience, as well as that of his father-in-law, Brad orchestrated the growth of their enterprise, centered around core principles, prominently featuring the delivery of outstanding customer service.

Distinctive Features:

Rod and Brad have been firmly committed over the last seven years to improving and diversifying their customer’s experience at their store. This commitment led them to looking at different ways to make each visit a source of joy. Introducing lines of New Zealand products, including their locally made renowned New Zealand Lolly Cake and ice creams variety, to offering popular American products such as Takis.

Strathpine Friendly Grocer’s enduring success is anchored in the loyalty and dedication of its longstanding staff, many of whom have been with the business since the first day.  The profound emphasis on family values resonates deeply, making it one of the most valuable assets for their customers.

Collaborating with his son-in-law Brad, whose wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry complements Rod’s extensive expertise in Sales and Marketing, they have seamlessly created a unique and rewarding work environment. The journey, while not without challenges, is one they wholeheartedly embrace and cherish. Moreover, Strathpine Friendly Grocer stands out as a comprehensive one-stop-shop, catering to diverse needs by providing services such as Blueshift, Ladbrokes, and Parcel Pick Up. This multifaceted approach has been instrumental in attracting and retaining a diverse customer range.

A recent crowning achievement that Rod and Brad proudly share is the distinction of Strathpine Friendly Grocer winning the prestigious title of “Queensland Convenience Store of the Year” a the 2023 NLNA Industry Awards, a testament to their unwavering dedication and excellence.


Both Rod and Brad hold the Strathpine Community in high esteem, deeply appreciating the robust support extended to local businesses by the community. Witnessing the evolution of the younger generation into upstanding community members stands as a source of profound satisfaction.

Reflecting their commitment to community welfare, Rod and Brad have been devoted supporters of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation for many years. A fortuitous visit from Denise and Bruce Morcombe to their shop underscored their dedication to child safety education.

Inspirational  Wisdom

A guiding principle that resonates deeply with them is treat all people like you want to be treated, a philosophy that transcends both professional and personal realms. Likewise, Brad draws inspiration from the wisdom that embarking on a new journey need not entail starting from scratch; rather, one embarks armed with the invaluable asset of experience.

“Don’t be afraid to start over again. This time you’re not starting from scratch you’re starting with experience.”