The Victorian Association for Newsagents.


Therese and Jessika Wolfenden – 287-295 King Street, Caboolture QLD

Jessika is the proud owner of Kings Circle Newsagency.  Jessika embarked on her journey in the industry almost 10 years ago, driven by the challenges of finding employment after graduating, due to her uncontrolled epilepsy. Seeking more flexibility and freedom, she ventured into entrepreneurship and discovered the appeal of owning her own newsagency. The excitement and dreams that come with selling lottery tickets to customers motivated her to take on this venture.

Jessika also has a love for horses, which brings her immense joy, and spending time in the saddle is her ultimate passion. With a deep affection for her family and friends, Jessika values the moments shared with her loved ones.

What sets Kings Circle Newsagency apart is its strong focus on family values. Customers who walk into the shop become a part of the extended family, and Jessika places a high priority on providing exceptional customer service. The ‘Instant Scratch It’ gifting option is a major hit all year round, attracting customers from various locations.

A remarkable achievement for Jessika’s store was winning the NLNA Golden Casket 2023 award, a recognition of the hard work and dedication of her team. To Jessika, a successful store means catering to the needs of both customers and staff, while collaborating effectively with suppliers to deliver the best products and services.

In the vibrant community of Caboolture, Jessika cherishes the stories and involvement of the older generation, including her own grandparents, who have been an integral part of the community for over 70 years. Supporting local charities and clubs holds a special place in Jessika’s heart, as she finds immense satisfaction in giving back to her community.

One piece of advice Jessika holds dear, is to never stop asking questions and to embrace a continuous learning mindset. Armed with knowledge, she strives to better serve her customers and staff, always opting for honesty and transparency. For Jessika, a lottery ticket may get customers into the shop, but it’s her team’s commitment to providing an unforgettable experience that makes them keep coming back.

With her mum, Therese, as her partner, Jessika is excited about the upcoming opening of their new store, Bellmere Lotto and Gifts. They eagerly anticipate creating another successful business and becoming even more integrated into their local community. The grand opening is set for 9 August 2023, and they extend a warm welcome to all their supporters.