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Cnr McCrae and, Walker St, Dandenong VIC

Sineth Sareth Sar, a remarkable individual with an extraordinary life journey, emerges as an embodiment of resilience, success, and community commitment. Born in Cambodia, Sineth’s early years were marked by the turmoil of war, prompting her family to seek refuge in France when she was just 5 years old. This early upheaval instilled in her a tenacious spirit that would shape her path forward.

Sineth’s insatiable thirst for knowledge led her to pursue studies in International Business across multiple renowned cities: Paris, San Francisco, and Barcelona. These global experiences broadened her horizons, laying the foundation for her future endeavors. As an international account manager for prominent telecommunications corporations, she traversed the landscapes of Europe and Africa, amassing invaluable insights into the intricacies of global business.

Fate interceded as Sineth met her future husband, Ratana, and together they embarked on a new chapter in Australia two decades ago. This relocation marked the genesis of her journey in the healthcare sector. Pursuing a nursing degree at the Australian Catholic University, she concurrently established RST Consulting – an enterprise that would flourish under her guidance.

Family remains at the epicenter of Sineth’s narrative. Her union with Ratana blessed them with two exceptional children, Marina and Tom, now 17 and 19 years old respectively. Their presence is a constant source of pride and joy, underscoring the significance of nurturing cherished relationships.

Palm Plaza Lotto 

Sineth’s entrepreneurial inclinations led her to acquire Palm Plaza Lotto Dandenong, a retail establishment that has grown into a symbol of luck and community cohesion within the City of Greater Dandenong. The shop’s remarkable journey captured national attention, boasting an astounding 39 Division 1 wins. Throughout this success, Sineth has consistently championed the significance of exceptional customer service. Her resounding message to her team is a reminder that their salaries are facilitated by the customers they serve – a principle that underscores her commitment to value addition and issue resolution.

Giving  back to the community

The ethos of community service is deeply ingrained in Sineth’s actions. For more than a decade, she has held the role of Vice Chairperson for the NGO Save Cambodian Children Fund Australia. Her volunteer work within this organisation focuses on raising funds to establish schools for underprivileged children in Cambodia. This philanthropic endeavour resonates deeply with her, highlighting the profound impact that changing lives can bring.

Never Give Up

Amidst her journey, one principle echoes the value of persistence. Believing in one’s dreams can usher them into reality. Sineth’s unwavering dedication to giving back to society and never losing sight of her roots remains a guiding light. Reflecting on two decades in Australia, she finds contentment in her achievements. A global perspective permeates her approach to business, underscoring the importance of embracing diverse viewpoints.

Her experiences stand as an inspiration for others to pursue their aspirations, drive positive change, and embrace the world with an open heart.