The Victorian Association for Newsagents.


Kiosk 3/111 Cecil St, South Melbourne VIC 3205


Amelia Lay, is a prominent member of our community and owner of Seraglio Lotto. She brings a variety of experience that has significantly influenced her journey.  Amelia’s prior professional background involved serving as a Senior Customer Service Specialist at the Bank of Melbourne. This trajectory eventually guided her into the dynamic Tatts business, where she embarked on a journey of discovering fresh horizons and seizing new opportunities. Yet, amidst these diverse roles, her greatest source of pride remains her role as a dedicated mother to her beautiful daughters.

Driven by a legacy of success, woven by her grandfather’s entrepreneurial acumen, Amelia embarked on a path of business exploration. With a genuine passion for cultivating connections, she transitioned into the Tatts business domain, where she has actively contributed for nearly seven years.  Amelia has transformed her establishment into more than just a store – it’s a bustling hub of community engagement.

Success & Community

Amelia’s store exudes a distinctive charm, radiating an atmosphere of warmth, assistance, and humour that captivates customers. It’s her strong belief that a sincere smile can build bridges to hearts and minds. That sets her store apart. Her recipe for success hinges on attitude – an attitude that not only unlocks doors but also creates boundless opportunities.

Amelia’s influence extends beyond her store. Nestled within the heart of South Melbourne her community shines as a model of unity and mutual support. The bonds forged here echo the sentiment that together, we are stronger.

Amelia is thrilled to be an integral part of this community, ready to share her journey, the wisdom she’s gathered, and her unshakable belief in the transformative power of kindness and attitude. Her story is a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path of success for all those who are part of this remarkable community.


Guided by the timeless adage, “The world is my oyster,” Amelia embraces a mindset that empowers her to explore uncharted territories, learn, and continuously evolve. This philosophy has propelled her through challenges, leading her to discover doors she never imagined existed.