The Victorian Association for Newsagents.

News Corp Print Centre

16 June 2022

Dear Members,

Last night I was invited to visit the new News Corp print centre located at Truganina.

I was joined by Kate McDonald, VANA Vice-Chair and NLNA Director, and Ivan Casagranda, VANA Director.

News Corp senior management flew in from all across Australia for the tour including Michael Newell News Corp General Manager Logistics (Brisbane), and Ben Keating General Manager Consumer Print (Sydney) to give us a guided tour along with the Victorian team led by Geoff Smith.

The Truganina site prints over 330,000 newspapers as a minimum each night.

Please watch the below videos.

Yours sincerely,

Brendan Tohill | Chief Executive Officer
VANA – Victorian Authorised Newsagents Association
NLNA – National Lotteries Newsagents Association

Kate McDonald, VANA Vice-Chair and NLNA Director, with Michael Newell, General Manager Logistics, News Corp