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Despite not being able to continue his normal routine, Bob Lovett is keeping up with what’s going on in Ballarat the same way he always has.

The Lake Gardens resident cannot complete his walk to the shops to purchase the newspaper anymore as the COVID-19 lockdown takes place.

He, like hundreds of other households in Ballarat have opted for a home delivery service for their newspapers, which tests have shown are unlikely to allow for the transfer of COVID-19.

Mr Lovett told The Courier he wasn’t going to stop reading the paper just because he couldn’t get it from the newsagent.

“We always get the newspaper,” he said, referring to he and his wife Joan.

“Under normal circumstances I would walk to our local newsagency and pick up the paper, but obviously that’s not an option anymore.”

The 82-year-old said while he no longer took his morning walk to the shops, he was finding ways to stay active around the house.

“I’m spending a lot of time outside in the garden, so I don’t miss the walk too much,” he laughed.

Mr Lovett added remaining informed both in terms of coronavirus news and other Ballarat news was very important to him and his wife.

“Getting the paper is important to us… my wife reads every word of it, I can’t say I comb through with the same amount of scrutiny,” he laughed.

“We like to keep up to date with everything going on around town and fill in a bit of time throughout the day.”

Newspaper delivery drivers across the region are taking extra precautions such as wearing gloves and using hand sanitiser to ensure the newspaper is delivered to customers in the safest way possible.