The Victorian Association for Newsagents.

Nine Newsagent survey

Dear Newsagent,

Over the last 18 months Nine Publishing has been actively managing supplies of The Australian Financial Review, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald/Sun-Herald with the intent of improving sales and reducing returns.  Results have been very encouraging, but we know that not all newsagents are the same. In order to improve the quality of our supply management, we need to understand more about newsagents’ home delivery, retail and sub-agent requirements.

Next week, Nine Publishing will be undertaking a network-wide distribution survey to give newsagents the opportunity to provide more information about their supply requirements including:

  • Total Home & Office Deliveries– copies for publisher-paid subscribers are automatically provided to you, but by providing your total deliveries we will be able to understand how many copies you also need for full-freight/newsagent-paid home delivery customers.
  • Newsagent Extras & Shop Supplies– the number of copies needed for your own shop (if you have one) and any additional copies you might need to cover missed deliveries, extras or pre-orders.
  • Sub-agent Supplies & Returns– details of the sub-agents that newsagents manage directly including the type of businesses, locations and the copies supplied and returned during the survey week.

Newsagents will be able to participate in the survey by either providing reports generated from point-of-sale/delivery systems or by entering their data into a downloadable template or an online form.  More information, full instructions and live links to the survey will be sent to newsagents by email early next week.

A key outcome from the survey will be the calculation of individualised returns targets for each newsagent. The returns targets, together with forecasted sales and known delivery requirements, will be used to set supplies going forward. Newsagents will be supplied with the returns targets for their newsagency, and the impact this will have on their supply volumes.

To make the survey a success, it is critical that newsagents provide complete and accurate data throughout the survey.  It is also important that data collected by the survey represents a relatively “normal” sample which we anticipate the week from Monday 27 May to Sunday 2 June 2019 will be.

By completing the survey, the information newsagents provide will improve our understanding of your business and the quality of our supplies to you.  I encourage all newsagents to participate and thank you in advance.

You can find out more by reading our Q & A’s (click here).  If you have any other questions please contact your Nine Publishing Sales Executive.