The Victorian Association for Newsagents.

Nparcel is a brand new and rapidly expanding delivery service, founded by VANA in September 2012 and launched nationally during January 2013.

Nearly 800 outlets currently employ the services of Nparcel, made up of Newsagents (100%), all of whom are located throughout Australia’s major capital cities and regional areas.

Nparcel appoints newsagencies as alternate & primary delivery points for undelivered parcels performed by Toll. Nparcel has already generated over 270,000 parcels channelled via the Newsagency network. This has provided both new customers and a new stream of revenue for Australian Newsagents.

Nparcel is exclusively available to VANA members, and entirely free of charge for news agencies to employ. All installation, training and marketing materials are provided to members at no additional cost. As the founder of Nparcel, VANA has ensured that the service provides newsagencies with a range of benefits in accordance with the purpose of our organisation; to promote, modernise and expand the newsagency industry.

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