The Victorian Association for Newsagents.

This year, Paper Pocket has combined all calendars, both Licensed & Australiana on the one form. Click Here to download 2019 calendar order form if you wish to place an order.

All calendars will be distributed by G&G once again & billed on their January statement.

Deliveries are set for the last week in July & first week of August with ‘Top Ups’ available in the first week of November.

Paper Pocket will keep copies in their warehouse in case of the emergency where shortages & urgent extras are needed & G&G cannot supply.

All will be billed out at 60% commission & rebates will come directly from Paper Pocket in the form of a cheque for Newsagents for qualify for 70% or 75% commission calendar orders.

70% commission will be given to Newsagents who order a total of 100-199 calendars & 75% commission for orders over 200 calendars.

Also, just a note if you want to stop sale or return calendars from G&G.

NB: Ring G&G, asking them to place you on their calendar ‘Exclusion List’.

If you need help with this, please contact Osie Nigro on 02 9887 0653 and he will organize for you.


Click Here to view Paper Pocket 2019 calendar ranges.


Paper Pocket would like to do any financial scenarios for you to compare profit return on Firm Sale v Sale or Return.

This is an example of what a financial model comparing the two options would look like.



Let’s say you received 100 calendars & sold 50 at a full price of $19.95 & then returned the remaining 50 for credit.

At 40% commission sale or return, you would make $7.98 on each calendar sold.

Selling 50 means your total profit would be $399.00.



If you order 100 calendars at Firm Sale your commission is 70%, unit cost is $5.985, so your total investment is $598.50.

If you sold 50 at a full price of $19.95, your income is $997.50, take away the cost price & your profit is $399.

The benefit of Firm Sale is you still have 50 calendars left over & can sell for what you like in January & February.

Paper Pocket histories show some 45% of people buy calendars in the New Year.

If you were to reduce the price & sell 25 at $9.95 for January & then sell another 15 at $5.00 in February, you would have an extra $323.75 or 81% increase in profit.

You have 10 left over to do whatever you like, donate to local schools, give to staff, or good customers.


Any Paper Pocket 2019 calendar ranges enquiries, please feel free to contact Osie Nigro -Newsagent Retail Manage Paper Pocket/Universal Media Co. on 02 9887 0653 / 0423 613 741 or email