The Victorian Association for Newsagents.

PRESS RELEASE | NLNA partners with Tabcorp


16 September 2021

NLNA partners with Tabcorp and continues to secure the future of the lotteries and newsagent industry.

The National Lotteries and Newsagents Association (NLNA) has officially launched its 3 year partnership with Tabcorp, the largest provider of lotteries in Australia.

NLNA was formed with the sole intention to improve incomeincrease foot traffic and reduce costs for our members. NLNA’s partnership with Tabcorp will inject energy and excitement into the industry, as we work together for the betterment of the industry.

Brendan Tohill, NLNA CEO said “This is an exciting partnership and lotteries are real growth pillar within our industry. Australian’s love lotteries and on the big Powerball jackpots one in three adult Australian’s purchase a ticket, we look forward to working with the Lotteries team around Australia”

NLNA is a new age association, bringing real programs to life.  Working together with Tabcorp we continue to increase foot traffic for our members.  In addition, NLNA has brought many initiatives such as NLNA TradeSquare, Ninsurance, Blueshyft, Amazon Hub, Digital Screen Network, HR Hotline, Free Workshops and Video Newsletters, that have immediately attracted more foot traffic, reduced costs and increased income for our members.

NLNA’s cut-through with Government during the global pandemic has been second to none in keeping the doors open nationally. COVID-19 highlights the importance of having an industry body in NLNA, with strong government relationships who advocate on behalf of our members.

NLNA continues to work tirelessly on developing strategic partnerships that will ensure a sustainable future for our members.  We look forward to working with Tabcorp as we continue to grow and support our industry into the future.