The Victorian Association for Newsagents.

EFTPOS fees charged by SUNCORP are set to rise unless you act to protect existing rates. Under an industry level program, SUNCORP has provided some of the most competitive EFTPOS rates. However, some Newsagents have received a notice from SUNCORP which sets higher charges and fees to be introduced from June 2018.

VANA  has contacted SUNCORP  and as a result, Newsagents may be able to protect the existing low rates if they establish a business every day or premium account with SUNCORP. Protecting the lower rates may involve some changes to your banking arrangements.

Newsagents will have to decide if they want to make changes as moving accounts from one financial institution to another can be difficult.

Contact SUNCORP on 13 11 55 and quote your merchant facility account number for further information.