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The Lott: Update on Remuneration Model

It has been four weeks since Tabcorp announced the new Remuneration Model. In conjunction with the beginning of the new performance rating cycle, last week we launched the very much anticipated new Retailers Web, designed by retailers for retailers. The new Retailers Web will provide you with your outlet’s weekly performance rating from Monday 8 April 2019.

Please note for the first week of this performance cycle, you have been rated green for What’s Hot @ the Lott and Retailers Web measurements as part of the transition process. Your outlet will also be rated green for the registered vs unregistered share for this cycle.

Being green is easy. Follow these key points below:

Review your last Site Survey, Moment of Truth (MOT) report to address any previous identified opportunities identified in your prior site surveys. (Available via the quick links on Retailers Web homepage

  1. Access the New Retailers Web at least once every week. (
  2. Read What’s Hot @ the Lott each week.
  3. Complete the mandatory iLearn Responsible Play training module. (
  4. Do not default or receive any breaches.
  5. Attend the upcoming Roadshows. Keep an eye out for details via What’s Hot @ the Lott.
  6. Ensure you action any findings from your Site Survey through the GBW (GDX) platform within 5 business days of receiving the MOT report (Available via the quick links on Retailers Web homepage

We appreciate there is a lot of information to comprehend, and we, along with our Industry Partners have gathered plenty of feedback. Listening to some of the current queries retailers are raising, we thought we would take the opportunity to address these below.

How is the Registered vs Unregistered Share Measured?

The below points help clarify some of the common queries we have received around how registered vs unregistered share metric will be measured:

  • The percentage increase or decrease measured will be based on registered subscriptions (ticket price less commission). This is the subscription purchase price of the sale made by the sum of all registered players in your outlet.
  • This will include all lottery products, excluding, Instant Scratch-Its, Keno and Coin Toss.
  • Registered vs unregistered share is measured for your outlet only. This creates a consistent and similar comparison benchmark.
  • The objective of this measurement is to grow our registered customer base. Once an 80% registered share is achieved your outlet rating will remain green unless the registered share falls below 80%.

For more information on how this will be measured refer to page 8 of the Retail Information Pack.

Why have the Site Surveys Questions been Updated?

Updates to Site Survey questions have occurred as part of a typical end of cycle review process. It is important we review the results from Site Surveys to identify trends across the network. This enables us to help support our customer’s experience in-store, and assist you in being truly customer led.

We understand however it is important to be transparent with the changes, and as such, the Site Survey questions which have been updated or added will be non-scoring for Cycle 3 (1 April 2019 to the 30 June 2019). The updated and added questions are Q19, Q22, Q27, and Q31.

For more information on Site Survey questions, click here.

Payment of Digital Commission

Currently, retailers are not remunerated for digital player participation. With a growing trend in retail towards omni-channel customer behaviour, this new model will now allow retailers whose outlet achieves a green or amber rating to participate in the digital channel and be eligible for additional commission. Digital commission will be paid at the end of each cycle and dependent on your outlet’s performance rating (green, amber or red).

For more information on Digital Commission refer to page 10 of the Retail Information Pack.


As your direct point of contact, I would like to support you as much as possible to help you achieve a green rating. Please contact me with any questions or feedback you may have.

Your Business Development Manager