The Victorian Association for Newsagents.

VANA MEMBER PROFILE – Blane’s Newsagency

Blane’s Newsagency
164 Murray Street, Colac, VIC 3250

Store Owner:  John Blane

Years as a newsagent: Over 60 years

Products Sold: Newspapers, books, magazines, giftware, greeting cards,  ink cartridge, office supplies, confectionary etc.

Trading for over 110 years, Blane’s Newsagency owner John Blane says the key to the shop’s success is stocking a wide range of products to accommodate everyone’s needs.

As a local business, Blane’s Newsagency has been consistent in providing a one-stop shop which stocks an extensive range of products including regional, national and international newspapers, books, magazines, confectionary, gifts, school and office supplies, greeting cards and ink cartridges.

John Blane prides himself on the presentation of the shop as a method to attract people into the store. The display windows at the front of the shop include an extensive range of products such as books and school and office supplies. The windows are interchanged seasonally including Back-to-School, Mother’s Day, Financial Year, Father’s Day and Christmas periods. The utilisation of the display windows is a contributing method to attract people, from various backgrounds from the local community to tourists walking along the street.

Additionally, the use of signs made by the team at Blane’s Newsagency is used as a tool to market the business. Signs provide a clean and well-presented store. The range of signs situated across the store allows a straightforward and convenient guide for people in the store. John Blane says the signage is critical to the promotion of the store.

John Blane also says the role of social media today is an efficient way to market the business. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Blane’s Newsagency saw a decrease in foot traffic but an increase in sales in jigsaw puzzles and ink cartridges due to home schooling and working from home. The team at Blane’s utilised the Blane’s Newsagency Facebook page to market and promote new products in the store.

John Blane says the staff at Blane’s Newsagency are ultimately paramount to the success in running the business. “I’m very fortunate with the exceptional staff we have in the store,” John Blane says.