The Victorian Association for Newsagents.


Address: Shop 11, 30 English Street, Essendon Fields, VIC, 3041
Store Owners: Dean Hamood
Products Sold: Lott products, newspapers/magazines, greeting cards, stationery, gifts, furniture, jewelry, essential oils/candles, handbags/leather goods, technology accessories, blueshyft, Ladbrokes, myki, post office, printing/email/copy services, and fax services.

Dean has owned this business since April 2017 and in that time Essendon Fields has changed considerably and is now a thriving retail, commercial and aviation precinct with a blend of offices, car dealerships, entertainment, hotel and event facilities. With that, Dean noticed a substantial increase in business and corporate customers and tourists over the past few years and so has changed his product lines to suit his clientele, focussing heavily on giftware.

Dean changed the layout and product lines to better suit the clientele and the current market, reducing their magazines by 2/3 and halving the card selection which made for more space to introduce new lines, and their customers have loved the ranges that they offer.

Dean has found that the newsagency industry has changed dramatically from years ago, where magazines are not as popular and there is a much higher demand for giftware and specialty items, especially for those last-minute gifts or quirky additions to add with a card.

Dean’s grateful to be one of the fortunate businesses that was still able to open and operate during the COVID-19 restrictions. The increase in sale of cards and giftware was quite surprising during this time and completely unexpected. As a result Dean has introduced more new lines and a greater variety which has been really well received.

Their reputation is that they offer professional yet friendly service, always ensuring that their customers are getting the best value for their spend and always going above and beyond to assist with their needs. Almost every day, they have customers that visit the store for the first time, unaware that there is a Post Office at Essendon Fields. New customers love the range of gifts and other lines they stock so the newsagency becomes their regular place to pay their bills, pick up a great gift, buy their lotto or just pop in to see what’s new.