The Victorian Association for Newsagents.


Reservoir Newsagency
Address: 36 Edwardes St, Reservoir VIC 3073

Store Owner: Victor Zhang 

Years as a newsagent: 10 + years

Products Sold: Magazines, The Lott products, Stationery, Giftware, Greeting Cards, Toys, Souvenirs, Books, Tech Gadgets, Blueshyft, and Amazon Hub Locker.

Reservoir Newsagency considers their store to be highly relevant to today’s consumer expectations. The store has an attractive layout which is very modern. They ensure that the gifts they have on offer are completely different from what can be found on their shopping strip and in the surrounding area. They consider themselves to be running a boutique Newsagency and take great care in all of their visual merchandising. They are always changing the location of various products in-store in order to be fresh and relevant in today’s changing retail climate. It is also important to mention that they have a highly successful Loyalty Card program.

Victor, the owner of the business, has a wonderful group of staff who continuously supply a family-like environment for customers to enjoy. Their newsagency is a place of positivity and fun as well as being a place of serious business. This is what they believe sets them apart. They run promotions and enjoy dressing up on a regular basis for events such as Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. They also run promotions that focus on particular scratchies and dress up in the theme represented on those scratchies, which is always a fun experience!

There are many loyal customers who enjoy dropping in for a chat whilst making their purchases. Victor and his team always try their very best to make the customer experience within their store a memorable one.

Quite often Victor will donate some of their stock to School Raffles. For example, he had donated numerous times to St. Gabriel’s Primary School in the past and a child psychology clinic, who would use those magazines in their therapeutic exercises, like cutting and pasting pictures to make a vision board. Reservoir Newsagency has also received a certificate of appreciation from the local Police Station (Reservoir) with continuous positive feedback.