The Victorian Association for Newsagents.

VANA MEMBER PROFILE – Vermont Authorised Newsagency

Vermont Authorised Newsagency
598-600 Canterbury Road, Vermont Vic 3133

Store Owner: Bruno Tassone

Years as a newsagent: 40 years

Products Sold: Newspapers, Magazines, stationery, inkjet & laser cartridges, Scratch-its, Myki, greeting cards, giftware, mobile accessories, assorted children’s books etc.

Services provided: Amazon Hub Locker (Available 24/7), photocopying, scanning, printing, faxing, binding, laminating, emailing, parcel pick-ups, parcel returns, sending parcels, Parcel Point, Epay, Blueshyft.

With 40 years experience as a newsagent, Bruno values well presented, efficient and friendly customer service. He enjoys creating strong relationships with his customers by going out of his way to learn their names and source specific products for them, which encourages positive word-of-mouth referrals amongst their neighbours and friends. He also believes in supporting the community that supports him by giving back to the local schools and the Vermont football/cricket clubs, since he began at Vermont Authorised Newsagency.

The shop has been open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. It experienced a 27% downturn in April but since then every department has gone up, with departments, like Scratch-its, going up by 200%.