The Victorian Association for Newsagents.

VANA partners with Unpackaged Eco


VANA (Victorian Authorized Newsagents Association) has partnered with zero-waste start-up Unpackaged Eco to create a national network of collection points for customers to purchase and return containers for re-use, in a bid to cut out single-use plastic waste.

VANA CEO Brendan Tohill commented “We are delighted to announce we have partnered with Unpackaged Eco on the launch of a zero-waste retail and container collection network in Australia. Unpackaged Eco are progressive and a dynamic team, very 2020, this is a unique offering that consumers want”

Unpackaged Eco launched in early 2019 offering everyday products such as handwash in containers that can be refilled, re-used and returned, at selected supermarkets and online. This partnership offers customers the added convenience of shopping and returning their used containers to their local Newsagency, where it will be collected, washed and re-filled by Unpackaged Eco.

“This partnership is truly exciting as it brings about the infrastructure necessary to support a zero-waste eco-system. By making it easy and convenient for customers to purchase and return their containers, we are offering a true alternative to single-use packaging and really making good headway in our fight against single-use plastic pollution, which contributes to climate change” said Unpackaged Eco founder Irene Chen.

The product range covers many household essentials, such as dishwash, laundry liquid in returnable containers, with the recent addition of beverages in returnable bottles and package-free bath and body products. An exciting range of gift packs will also launch this year as part of the Unpackaged / VANA partnership.

“The role of the Newsagency has evolved significantly over the last 10 years. They used to be just the place to get your daily newspaper, but today its role is a dynamic community hub for everything from parcel collection to last-minute gifting. This partnership leverages our strong network of newsagencies on ground as a driving force to truly serve the community and make a large positive impact for the environment.”

The partnership is set to launch as early as March 2020 across several trial stores in Victoria, with a view to expanding across to other states later in the year.

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