The Victorian Association for Newsagents.

Victorian Government Business Environment Survey

Dear Members,

The Victorian Government is conducting a Business Environment Survey to get a better understanding of the business environment in regional Victoria.

You’re invited to participate in this survey and assist the Victorian Government in better understanding the needs of regional businesses, and what can be done to improve the business environment in Victoria.

The survey is open now until the close of business on the 7th of October 2022 and will take around 20 minutes to complete.

As you work through the survey, you can find further detail on some of the concepts and terms used by hovering your mouse over the symbol.

Individual businesses and their responses will remain anonymous.

If you have any questions regarding the survey please email

Yours sincerely,

Brendan Tohill | Chief Executive Officer
VANA – Victorian Authorised Newsagents Association
NLNA – National Lotteries Newsagents Association