The Victorian Association for Newsagents.

Dear Newsagent,

Please see attached and below comms, POS and Digi Pos messaging.


3x Social Distancing DigiPOS content: This will be on high rotation in DigiPOS outlets, internally and externally highlighting the current social distancing requirements.

the Lott Channel Awareness Campaign: This will be in DigiPOS outlets and is to remind customers whilst in-store to purchase multi-week and advance entries.

Social Distancing Outlet Capacity customer notice for all 4 jurisdictions: This customer notice is to be placed on the front door of retail outlets notifying customers the maximum number of people allowed in-store based on the four square metre rule.

Four Square Metre Social Distancing Rule: This is available on Retailers Web to help retailers understand the four square metre rule.

25 March 2020 Comms: This is the comms explaining the Federal Government’s announcement last night and additional support available to retailers.

3x Social Distancing DigiPOS content