The Victorian Association for Newsagents.


1. No more than 8-10 people in the store at any time.
2. All employees attending to be approved by owner.
3. No non-company personnel allowed past front desk.
4. On arrival:

  • Temperature to be checked.
  • Hand sanitising or thorough cleaning with soap and water.
  • Hand sanitiser located front of shop, on counter and back of store.

5. No more than one person to work per individual office.
6. Social distancing to be maintained at all times 1.5m part
7. Anyone with a cold or cold or flu-like symptoms to remain home, submit for a COVID test and remain home until they achieve a negative test result.
8. All food utensils and plates used in the office are to be washed in the dishwasher each night.
9. There is easy access to hand sanitiser, masks, anti-bacterial wipes and other health and safety items in the kitchen and closet for team member access and use.
10. People in the office are to clean their phones and work areas with anti-bacterial wipes daily.
11. Common areas are cleaned and anti-bacterial wiped daily.
12. Ensure all Mandatory Face Coverings notices are at front and back of the store as well as counters.
13. Ensure all staff have appropriate face coverings
14. Ensure all staff have signed work permits (see below links)

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